HANC’s Role in Collaboration

Across the state, community health center consortia, like the Health Alliance of Northern California (HANC), have for years demonstrated effective leadership in bringing together Community Health Centers (CHCs) and other safety net providers to work together on common issues. Many of these successes have been highlighted in the following report, “Forces for Change: A Landscape of the Statewide and Regional Clinic Consortia in California.” Click here to access the report.

Local communities, regional collaborations, and statewide efforts benefit from organizations like HANC that are focused on policy and planning, and that are able to to organize stakeholders around a common cause. HANC is viewed as a trusted community organizer, community health planner, and catalyst for system change. In fact, Insure the Uninsured Project (ITUP) awarded HANC ITUP’s first ever “Spirit of ITUP” award. The award was in recognition of HANC’s collaborative work to improve the delivery of rural health care in Northern California, and for its role in bringing together diverse interests in health care and related social supports to seek common ground, share best practices, and implement innovative strategies that improve health, particularly for low-income and disadvantaged communities.

CA299 Health Collaborative

The CA299 Health Collaborative is a mature, regional network of health care providers, serving residents in over 7,000 miles which covers part of Lassen, Modoc, Shasta, and Siskiyou Counties and Lake County Oregon.

2019-2021 Goals

  1. Expand Health Information Exchange
  2. Prepare for Value-Based Payment
  3. Explore opportunities to coordinate projects on a regional basis.


CA299 HC Members:

  • Dignity Health, Mercy Medical Center Mt. Shasta
  • Fairchild Medical Center
  • Goose Lake Medical Services
  • Mayers Memorial Hospital
  • Modoc Medical Center
  • Mountain Valleys Health Centers



Shasta Health Access and Redesign Collaborative (SHARC)

The Shasta Health Assessment and Redesign Collaborative has been in existence since 2009. Improving care and health for Shasta County and the region by working together to achieve “better care and better health at lower cost.”

2019-2020 Goals

  1. Expand opportunities to provide an adequate healthcare workforce for Shasta County.
  2. Improve the health outcomes of low income and at-risk populations by promoting the further development and integration of physical health, mental health, substance use disorder and social support services


SHARC Members:

  • Community Members

    • Randall Hempling

    • Patrick Moriarty

  • Dignity Health North State

  • Hill Country Health and Wellness Center

  • Mayers Memorial Hospital

  • Mercy Medical Center

  • Mountain Valleys Health Centers

  • North Valley Medical Association

  • Partnership Healthplan of California

  • Shasta Community Health Centers

  • Shasta County Health and Human Services

  • Shasta Regional Medical Center

  • Shingletown Medical Center

  • Women’s Health Specialists

Siskiyou Healthcare Collaborative

Improving care and health for Siskiyou County citizens by working together to preserve and enhance local access, and to achieve optimal care and improved health at lower cost.

2019-2020 Goals

  1. Community Health Planning: Direct collaborative activities toward identified health priorities.
  2. Quality Healthcare System: Improve access and the health of Siskiyou County residents by promoting integration of services.
  3. Healthcare Workforce: Expand opportunities to provide an adequate workforce for Siskiyou County.

SHC Members:

  • Anav Tribal Health Clinic
  • Dignity Health, Mercy Medical Center Mt. Shasta
  • Fairchild Medical Center
  • Klamath Health Services, Inc.
  • Mountain Valleys Health Centers
  • Partnership Healthplan of California
  • Shasta Cascade Health Centers
  • Siskiyou County Health and Human Services Agency