HANC’s Role in Collaboration

Across the state, community health center consortia, like the Health Alliance of Northern California (HANC), have for years demonstrated effective leadership in bringing together Community Health Centers (CHCs) and other safety net providers to work together on common issues. Many of these successes have been highlighted in the following report, “Forces for Change: A Landscape of the Statewide and Regional Clinic Consortia in California.” Click here to access the report.

Local communities, regional collaborations, and statewide efforts benefit from organizations like HANC that are focused on policy and planning, and that are able to to organize stakeholders around a common cause. HANC is viewed as a trusted community organizer, community health planner, and catalyst for system change. In fact, Insure the Uninsured Project (ITUP) awarded HANC ITUP’s first ever “Spirit of ITUP” award. The award was in recognition of HANC’s collaborative work to improve the delivery of rural health care in Northern California, and for its role in bringing together diverse interests in health care and related social supports to seek common ground, share best practices, and implement innovative strategies that improve health, particularly for low-income and disadvantaged communities.

Federally Qualified Health Centers

The Health Alliance of Northern California (HANC) and the North Coast Clinics Network (NCCN) are regional associations of community health centers who annually serve more than 200,000 patients across 14 rural, northern California counties. The Consortia collaborate on policy and advocacy, workforce, quality improvement, and coordination of peer networks (Chief Executive Officers, Chief Medical Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Quality Improvement) for their members. The two Consortia also facilitate the Northern California Rural Roundtable which has been in existence for over 35 years.

 HANC and NCCN also work in collaboration with the Regional Associations of California (RAC), our statewide California Primary Care Association (CPCA) as well as the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) to have a stronger voice for rural Northern California.


Shasta Health Assessment and Redesign Collaborative (SHARC)

Community Health Planning: HANC has facilitated the work of SHARC since 2009 and has led many initiatives to redesign the system of care for Shasta County. Each year HANC works with SHARC subcommittees to identify annual goals and objectives to be addressed and reported on each fiscal year. The SHARC Voting Members approve the annual action plan and also contribute to facilitation costs to move the action plan forward.

Health Equity: HANC is facilitating a process to increase Shasta County’s response to elevate health equity for our community.

Healthcare Workforce Development: HANC leads Shasta County’s effort to expand opportunities to provide an adequate healthcare workforce. HANC Staff have created and maintain the Shasta Health Rock Stars website, coordinate recruitment/retention efforts, promote training opportunities, review policy and build relationships to strengthen pipeline programs.

Integrated Care Committee: HANC facilitates the work of this committee whose goal is to promote the further development and integration of physical health, mental health, substance use disorder and social support services. Some of the collaborative activities addressed through this committee which include:

  • The CalAIM System of Care.
  • The committee hears updates and promotes the work of the Substance Use Coalition. HANC is the fiscal agent for the coalition.
  • HANC Staff are working with various partners on evaluating a Community Information Exchange as well as a process for strengthening the referral process for seniors.
  • The committee reviews and promotes housing programs.
  • HANC facilitates a peer network of case managers.
  • Promotion of resiliency efforts such as the CMBMShasta Resilience Project.
  • SHARC is the lead for a new Children and Youth Behavioral Health Initiative which is part of California’s Accountable Community for Health.


Further Collaborative Support

HANC has also facilitated or provided support to the following health collaboratives in the region.

  • Highway 299 Collaborative
  • Lassen Health Collaborative
  • Nevada County Health Collaborative
  • Siskiyou Healthcare Collaborative