Workforce Assesment

The Health Alliance of Northern California (HANC) is pleased to share with you the “Shasta County Physician Workforce Assessment.” Prepared by HANC for the Shasta Health Assessment and Redesign Collaborative (SHARC), the paper is the culmination of a year-long collaboration between Shasta County’s hospitals, clinics, county agencies, Partnership Healthplan and many other healthcare leaders to research and analyze the current physician supply in the county. With such importance being placed on creating an adequate healthcare workforce across the country, it was important for SHARC to first understand its local reality before entering into the state and national discussion. The paper contains our  findings, analysis and recommendations and validates issues with geographic disparity, limited access to specialty care, reduced access for Medicare and Medi-Cal patients, and the high number of physicians who are aging and/or are on the cusp of retirement. We hope the assessment will be a tool to educate our community, as well as local, regional and statewide elected officials on the importance of supporting policies that promote access to healthcare services in rural areas like Shasta County.

2016 Report PDF Full Text:

Shasta County Physician Workforce Assessment July 2016.pdf

In the News:

Sep. 29, 2016. Record Searchlight. Shasta County faces physician shortage; other clinicians help meet care demand.

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